HONG KONG — ESR Group Limited completed the construction of its first in-built cold storage facility in the ESR Chengdu Qingbaijiang Cold Chain Industrial Park in Sichuan, China.

As one of the earliest industrial zones in China, Qingbaijiang district plays an important role as part of the Belt and Road Initiative, focusing on the development of international supply chain, trade, and intelligent manufacturing. With the China-Europe (Chengdu) Railway Express, which commenced in 2013, freight trains departing the Chengdu International Railway Port from Qingbaijiang have linked more than 100 cities, transporting electronics, autos, smart home appliances, and advanced materials to Europe, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, and members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Completed in early 2023, the industrial park comprises a 1130,00-square-meter, multifaceted cold storage facility. The first and second phases of the project are 100% tenanted to several leading domestic e-commerce companies. Chengdu Qingbaijiang Cold Chain Industrial Park is designed to have both single- and multiple-story cold storage to meet the diverse needs of customers. The single-story cold storage facility has a maximum net height of 8 meters, offering flexible stacking storage and shelf storage solutions. With two loading and unloading yards, and two independent halls in the north and south, the industrial park has good transportation throughput capacity. The industrial park allows for double-sided loading and unloading of most warehouse and flexible truck operation, enhancing the efficiency of the loading process. Equipped with municipal dual-circuit power supply and diesel generator systems, the facility provides dual backup power measures to ensure uninterrupted power supply and the quality of refrigerated goods stored. Furthermore, the facility comes with a 7,000-square-meter integrated building, which can serve as a place for catering, office, conferences, and staff accommodation.

"With the acceleration of e-commerce and resilient supply chain, demand for modern and institutional-grade logistics facilities continues to grow,” said Jeffrey Shen, ESR co-founder and co-CEO. “Chengdu Qingbaijiang Cold Chain Industrial Park is ESR’s first in-built cold storage facility, further expanding ESR's footprint in China. We are proud that the project has been recognized by renowned e-commerce tenants in the country and we are committed to strengthen ESR's cold chain development.”