Discovering water leaks immediately is key to preventing costly damage to business facilities, equipment, inventory, and other assets. To help personnel catch leaks before they become emergencies, Sensaphone offers water-detection sensors designed for use with its remote monitoring systems. When the sensor detects water, the system sends alerts via phone call, text, or email to designated staff, so they can take fast corrective action.

Widespread water detection

The Zone Water Detection Sensor detects the widespread presence of water in areas like floors or drop ceilings. Users receive an alert when the sensor comes into contact with water. The sensor includes 10 feet of water rope to cover a large area. Operators can connect up to 10 water ropes to a single sensor for up to 100 feet of coverage. This sensor operates on two AA batteries. When the batteries become depleted, the sensor will automatically send out an alert, so users can replace the batteries when no water is present.

Small area water detection 

The Spot Water Detector Sensor reveals the presence of water on a horizontal surface. Operators can wire multiple sensors to a single input on the remote monitoring system. The sensor is powered by internal lithium batteries. When the batteries become depleted, the sensor will automatically alert users by sending out an alarm when no water is present. 

Wireless water detection monitor 

The Wireless Water Detection Sensor is used with Sensaphone’s WSG30 Monitoring System, a flexible monitoring solution when hard-wiring sensors is not a cost-effective or viable option. This sensor includes a built-in radio transmitter and water-sensing probes for detecting water at a particular location. The sensor comes with three AA alkaline batteries that will power the sensor for up to two years.

Widespread water detection in data centers

The IMS-4830 Water Detection Sensor protects data center servers and equipment from damaging water leaks from malfunctioning HVAC systems or any general plumbing failures. The IMS-4830 sensor is powered directly by Sensaphone's IMS host monitoring unit. The sensor comes with 10 feet of water rope to cover a large area, and users can attach up to nine additional water ropes to expand water leak detection capabilities throughout the data center.