Schurter introduced the THS switch series with optical sensor technology that can be concealed behind any surface without the need for mounting holes. A small opening in the user interface is all that is needed to allow the time-of-flight (ToF) sensor to actuate. 

Equipment and appliances used in public areas has created demand for noncontact switches to replace conventional touch-activated switches. The THS is a touchless switch that provides an excellent hygienic solution to prevent the spread of pathogens. It not only serves its practical purpose as a momentary switch, but also adds an element of design for out of the ordinary sleek and sophisticated custom user interface design. Conventional switches and touchless switches currently on the market require larger mounting holes in the user interface. The THS breaks through these limitations with its unique ability to adhere behind any material for literally an invisible installation, offering an optimal solution for design engineers to use unprecedented creativity and freedom in their panel designs.

Equipped with cutting-edge optical ToF sensor technology, the THS is highly reliable and guarantees exceptional precision. With only a barely visible slit in the interface surface, the sensor is activated and accurately calculates distances based on the speed of light and transit time through the emission of light beams and the detection of their reflections. The 30-by-30-mm switch is insensitive to water and daylight irradiation and offers RGB multicolor surface illumination for optical feedback. The illumination supply voltage is 5 to 28 VDC. The THS has a switching current and voltage maximum of 100 mA at 42 VAC / 60 VDC and a product life span of more than 100 million switching cycles: a benefit of no moving parts. 

The installation of the THS is straightforward and provides freedom to choose materials that are easy to clean and present a seamless user interface. With no compromise to its performance or functionality, the THS adheres discreetly behind any surface material with 3M Adhesive tape. The standard THS is designed to mount behind a glass surface up to 2-mm thick. Schurter offers a complete Design-In Kit that can be easily operated via PC/laptop to test and adapt the use of the THS with different materials and surface thicknesses. The Design-In Kit offers settings, such as distance, time, and illumination, that can be easily customized to suit specific requirements.