FNT Software released a new version of FNT GeoMaps, a Geo-Intelligent component within its Cable and Outside Plant Management solution. Powered by Esri ArcGIS, FNT GeoMaps provides advanced geographic features that enhance the planning, operation, and management of passive inside and outside plant infrastructure with spatial intelligence. FNT GeoMaps 4.1 now provides in-house 3D views for cable management, enabling users to visualize where cables and other passive equipment are within a building.

The new 3D view functionality is an enhancement to the digital twin of network infrastructure and provides a unique view that supports the end-to-end management of cable and network infrastructure inside, outside, and between buildings. FNT GeoMaps now displays infrastructure assets on floorplans according to their location and height, and features seamless navigation between inside and outside infrastructure where 2D and 3D models show precisely where infrastructure objects are located by building and floor layer. The combination of GeoMaps and in-house DCIM tools with 2D/3D view capabilities give organizations a complete view of the network, from the outside plant to racks in the data center. The new visualizations enable users to zoom into floors and rooms where infrastructure objects are displayed, edit objects on floor plans, and filter data by building or floor layer.

“As digital transformation initiatives accelerate across all industries, it becomes just as important to have access to detailed location information about the cable and network infrastructure inside buildings as well as outside,” said Carsten Wreth, CEO of FNT. “We’re proud to offer 3D visualization within FNT GeoMaps 4.1 as this allows users to see exactly where cables and other passive infrastructure are located within a building, which gives them the ability to realize end-to-end management of cable and network infrastructure. By expanding the application of location intelligence with network infrastructure details in this way, our customers can make smarter decisions about network capacity, rollout priority, and routing redundancy, and set the right focus for the operational priorities.”

FNT’s Cable and Outside Plant Management solution provides greater visibility into all network resources and connections to streamline the documentation, planning, and management of inside and outside plant cable network infrastructure. From a service assurance perspective, this is the best defense against service interruption. From a planning perspective, it ensures that changes are based on accurate as-built documentation and that all changes are reflected in a master data repository.

FNT GeoMaps can be used in the network, data center, and enterprise IT environments for georeferenced planning of network infrastructure, to support operational tasks with location intelligence, simplify complex capacity management use cases, and manage locations with their connection details. It is a fully integrated solution component within the FNT Command Platform. As such, it is part of FNT’s unified resource repository that documents and manages traditional active and passive telecommunication infrastructure, both on the physical and logical layers, as well as across the virtualized IT and data center resources. FNT solutions combine to form a central system of record for a holistic, vendor-agnostic solution that contains all relevant information for managing all IT resources and infrastructures, across all technologies. The combination of schematic views and GIS-based geographical network visualization of network resources provides greater visibility and location-based analytics for the improved capacity management, planning, and operational use cases based on accurate data.