MaxLinear Inc. launched a new family of RS-485 serial transceivers specifically designed to ensure reliable communication in harsh industrial environments, offering ultra-low electromagnetic interference (EMI). The transceivers are rated for environments up to 125◦C and can reliably transmit data at distances over one kilometer to minimize unscheduled downtime and increase productivity. The transceivers are available immediately.

The new offering consists of four discrete chips within two families: The MxL8310x and the MxL8311x. The MxL8310x devices operate from a 5-V power supply, and MxL8311x devices operate from 3- to 5.5-V power supply. The transceivers are suitable for bidirectional communication on balanced multipoint bus transmission lines and comply with both RS-485 and RS-422 EIA standards.

“This new line of RS-485 transceivers offers best in class features, including a unique combination of slew-rate control for low EMI, IEC 61000-4-2 ESD protection, and EFT,” said James Lougheed, vice president and general manager for high-performance analog at MaxLinear. “With the consolidation of suppliers in the industrial analog semiconductor market, and the growing desire for customers to have multiple vendors for supply assurance, we’re delivering on customers’ requests to expand our portfolio in this important backbone of the industrial market.”

Available in industry standard package and pinout, the new transceivers cover a broad range of applications within industrial connectivity and smart manufacturing, building automation, security, and HVAC.