Compass Quantum enables companies to add incremental, remote or edge data center capacity in 100kW modular increments using an OpEx model. The fourth-generation Quantum module is built to deliver sustainability, rapid time-to-market, high quality, low TCO and advanced software capabilities. The solution is designed for a number of use cases: for organizations who want to deploy infrastructure on-premises or nearby, for HPC nodes, for upgrading their data centers, for moving out of retail locations, or for providing a movable data center. 

Quantum packages its 100-kW modular data centers within a comprehensive services structure that enables companies to rapidly deploy data center functionality without using their own capital, altering their existing operations, or increasing their headcount. The OpEx model covers the initial capital, manufacturing, permitting, delivery, installation, and operation of the infrastructure under an operating lease. At the end of the term, customers can purchase the infrastructure at Fair Market Value, renew the lease, or have it removed.

The Quantum solutions includes a cutting-edge software layer that enables a truly "lights out" capability for modules, integrating with a wide array of sensors, controls, and security systems. This allows customers to operate thousands of sites without the need for significant human resources, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. 

Location: Anywhere customers need additional data center capacity
Certifications: TIA rated 3 and UL Listed. Quantum can also deliver SOC to SCIF certifications as needed.
Year Built: Generation 4 module launched in 2023
Power Capacity (MW): 100 kW 2N, 200 kW N, 2 MW+ with RDHX
Power Sources: PV, BESS, utility, SOFC, generator
Cooling Technologies: DX with ccon and Chiller
Owner/Operator: Compass Quantum