Malware Aware

Malware isn't just one thing. In fact, it could be any type of software so long as a hacker finds a vulnerability before you. Take this quiz to find out what types of malware exist, how they're used, and how much you know about protecting your data against them.

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1. Malware is _____
A. Any malicious software
B. A virus used to steal credentials
C. A worm that deletes data
D. None of these
2. Software that, when executed, replicates itself by modifying other computer programs and inserting its own code into those programs is called _____
A. A trojan
B. A virus
C. A worm
D. Spyware
3. Types of malware include:
A. Worms
B. Spyware
C. Rootkits
D. All of these
4. _____ can self-replicate
A. Any malicious software
B. Viruses
C. Worms
D. None of these
5. Ransomware uses _____ to hold data hostage
A. Decryption
B. Crypto
C. Encryption
D. None of these
6. _____ was the first discovered malware that spied on and subverted industrial systems and the first to include a programmable logic controller (PLC) rootkit.
A. Stuxnet
B. Mydoom
D. CryptoLocker
7. Spear phishing is most likely conducted by perpetrators who are out for _____
A. Financial gain
B. Trade secrets
C. Military info
D. All of these
8. Known vulnerabilities are available at _____
D. None of these
9. A zero-day exploit is a previously unknown vulnerability without a _____
A. Patch
B. Attack
C. Script
D. Use
10. Stuxnet was a _____
A. virus
B. rogue software
C. worm
D. government experiment
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