Greenheck redesigned its model USF single-width centrifugal utility sets in sizes 4 to 24 to incorporate more features and options. The USF now offers expanded direct-drive selections with Vari-Green motors up to 10 hp. Factory-mounted or ship-loose controls with VFDs are now available with belt or direct-drive motor configurations up to 30 hp. Mounting options have expanded to include curb cap, curb cap with inlet box, and up to 24-inch equipment supports with spring isolators. The USF can be selected with forward-curved, backward-inclined, or higher-efficiency airfoil centrifugal wheels and many discharge arrangements that allow for different airflow directions without system losses from duct turns. Greenheck’s versatile model USF can be utilized in a wide selection of indoor or outdoor and supply or exhaust applications from commercial light and medium-duty general ventilation requirements to those requiring high airflows, such as manufacturing processes, emergency, continuous high-temperature, or grease-laden exhaust. Model USF is licensed to bear the AMCA Seal for Fan Energy Index (FEI), Air & Sound Performance.