Normative launched the Normative Net-Zero Community, connecting sustainability professionals to industry peers in a unique forum for guidance and education.

“Sustainability professionals are an integrated part of business leadership today and are responsible for a dynamic area with new technologies and legislative requirements,”said Kristel Eismann, head of sustainability at Akelius.

Carbon accounting is rapidly evolving. Tools are being refined, best practices are emerging, and industry leaders are distinguishing themselves. The free-to-join Normative Net-Zero Community aims to be the place where all these ends come together, providing sustainability professionals with relevant and practical learnings in the form of informative newsletters, expert-led webinars, and periodic meetups. 

With businesses facing increasing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) demands, many use carbon accounting to manage a vital portion of their environmental impact: their greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon accounting enables a business to calculate its entire carbon footprint. These calculations can then be used to report climate impact — often to meet ESG or legislative requirements — and to implement effective emissions reductions. This, in turn, increases a business’s brand equity and helps it attract employees, customers, and investors.

“The conversations we can spark in the Normative Net-Zero Community are a crucial element to accelerate the transition to net zero,” Eismann said.

Through the Normative Net-Zero Community, sustainability professionals can empower each other to drive tangible decarbonization in their organizations — accelerating progress toward climate goals while earning competitive advantages along the way. The community can be joined for free via the Normative website, and, so far, more than 400 sustainability professionals have signed up, with around 30% of the members being based in the UK. Since the launch, the community has hosted a webinar looking at what constitutes a good carbon methodology and a meetup in Stockholm. On Sept. 12 the second peer-to-peer meetup open to all community members will take place in central London.

“As the legislative and business opportunities of sustainability grow, leaders need a space to connect, learn, and collaborate,” said Maggie Buggie, COO of Normative and champion of the new community. We hope the Net-Zero Community will be a catalyst for unique pathways for businesses to reach net zero and create competitive advantage.”