The Vertiv Liebert CWA is a new generation of thermal management system for slab floor data centers. For decades, hyperscale and colocation providers have used raised-floor environments to cool their IT equipment. Simplifying data center design with slab floors enables the construction of new white space more efficiently and cost-effectively but also introduces new cooling challenges. The Liebert CWA was designed to provide uniform air distribution to the larger surface area that comes with a slab floor application while also allowing more space for rack installation and compute density. Developed in the U.S., the Liebert CWA chilled water thermal wall cooling unit is available in 250-, 350-, and 500-kW capacities.

Liebert CWA technology utilises integrated state-of-the-art controls to facilitate improved airflow management and provide an efficient solution for infrastructures facing the challenges of modern IT applications. The Liebert CWA can also be integrated with the data center’s chilled water system to improve the operating conditions of the entire cooling network. Furthermore, it’s installed outside the IT space to allow more floor space in the data center, increase accessibility for maintenance personnel, and increase the security of the IT space itself.

“The launch of the Liebert CWA reinforces our mission to provide innovative, state-of-the-art technologies for our customers that allow them to optimize the design and operation of their data centers” said Roberto Felisi, senior global director, thermal core offering and EMEA business leader at Vertiv. “As the Liebert CWA can be quickly integrated with existing cooling systems, customers can leverage all the benefits of a slab floor layout, such as lower installation and maintenance costs, and a greater availability of white space.”

Air-handling units have been used in the past to cool raised-floor data centers, but there is now an opportunity in the market to drive more innovative thermal management solutions for slab floor data centers. The Vertiv Liebert CWA provides a standardized thermal wall built specifically for data center applications, therefore minimizing installation costs of custom-made solutions on-site. The product’s layout is engineered to maximize the cooling density and to meet the requirements for cooling continuity set by the most trusted and established certification authorities for data center design and operation.