The Dahua WizMind is a full portfolio of solutions comprising project-oriented products, including IPC, NVR, PTZ, IVSS, thermal, and software platform that adopts industry-leading deep learning algorithms.

Human-based applications

WizMind can efficiently search for targets through attributes analysis. Both security and privacy of users are protected by powerful AI algorithms and advanced fusion technologies.

Dahua’s Privacy Protection is a GDPR-compliant technology that overlays mosaic on the images of detected targets in real time. This year, Dahua released Privacy Protection+, which integrates Privacy Protection technology with a variety of deep learning algorithms, providing intelligent analyzable data while protecting users’ security and privacy. Aside from front-end, real-time mosaic, it also supports simultaneous usage with AI functions, free mosaic on selected targets, and irregular black block masking. It is suitable for a wide-range of scenarios such as shopping mall, construction site, nursing home, operating room, and more.

In addition, the PPE Detection technology of WizMind features deep learning algorithms that can detect and capture images of personal protective equipment wearing on the site and trigger alarms accordingly. It detects up to nine attributes (e.g. hats, workwear, masks); supports importing of workwear images via IPC/IVSS as basis for localized modeling, training, and comparison; and enables quick target location using different target attributes. It helps reduce the workload of safety management personnel and greatly improves employee safety in plants, factories, and other similar application scenarios.

Moreover, WizMind’s Panoramic Surveillance 2023 is designed for scenario applications that require a 180-, 270-, and 360-degree view for situational awareness. It offers clear images with up to 8K ultrahigh-definition resolution, AR Panorama that displays the video of the corresponding camera via AR tags; EPTZ function that can simultaneously monitor multiple human and vehicle targets that triggered the alarm (up to 5 targets); and AI features including perimeter protection, smart tracking, vehicle density detection, etc. It is perfect for monitoring large scenes, such as squares, urban roads, enterprise parks, entrance/exit areas, and more.

WizMind also features a People Counting function that can track and process moving human targets in the monitored scene and realize accurate statistics of people entering, leaving, and currently within the monitored area, generating useful data for business analysis. It includes Leaving Post Detection, Crowd Detection, People Counting for Line Crossing, People Counting in Area, and Queue Management.

Vehicle-based applications

WizMind captures attributes of vehicles for easy management, quick search, and efficient business analysis. Various application scenarios including roads, waterways. and parking spaces are covered completely.

The Video Metadata technology of WizMind is equipped with deep learning algorithms that can efficiently locate human and vehicle targets based on attributes analysis. Depending on the algorithm version of the product model, it can detect more than 10 human attributes, more than seven motor vehicle attributes, and more than six non-motor vehicle attributes. Dahua also added targets direction analysis and data statistics that can be used for business analysis. It is ideal for application scenarios that require constant monitoring of people and vehicles entering/leaving the premises, such as industrial campus and main roads.

Hydrological Monitoring is another new feature of WizMind powered by Dahua’s self-developed algorithms. It is mainly used in areas with water resources, such as rivers, seas, and lakes. It comprises mainly of Water Level Detection, Boat Detection, and Floating Objects Detection, which primarily aid water management and analysis.

When a vehicle enters the monitored area, WizMind’s Parking Detection technology based on CNN deep learning will capture its images and save metadata. If illegal parking is detected, the system will sound warning audios through the built-in loudspeaker. It supports overlaying of license plate number and other violation information on the captured image as evidence, and displays both panoramic and detail views simultaneously with wider detection range.

Thermal applications

With explosion-proof certifications (e.g. ATEX and IECEx) and IP66 ingress protection rating, Dahua’s explosion-proof cameras provide online Industrial Temperature Measurement with high accuracy, providing a new method to monitor equipment and pipelines during production. Aside from Online Temperature Monitoring, it also offers Intelligent Inspection that can be realized by editing the device list on the platform and linking it with the temperature monitoring camera. 

Another WizMind thermal application is Boat Detection that utilizes imaging thermal cameras powered by AI, enabling it to accurately detect and identify boats/ships. It offers multiple boat data (e.g. height, speed, distance), anti-corrosion coating or 316L stainless steel housing, and all-weather operation.

Other features

The Dahua WizMind series is compatible with major third-party platforms. The Dahua Partner Alliances provide sufficient DHOP and API, allowing smooth and efficient integration with technology partners. All WizMind products have passed ONVIF conformance process. This series is compatible with global video management systems, PSIM and Alarm Monitoring Software (e.g. AxxonSoft, Digifort, Advancis, SoftGuard). It also supports advanced AI-based functions (e.g. ANPR, People Counting, Perimeter Protection and Heat Map) with Qognify, Network Optix, Luxriot, and other players in the industry.

The Dahua Hardware Open Platform enables users to customize the camera based on their actual needs. It has more than 15 existing partners and more than 18 integrated applications. What’s more, the WizMind Cybersecurity effectively protects network security and user privacy. It deeply integrates actual business scenarios to help users understand the security status and capabilities of their devices and assists them in conveniently and quickly setting up the best security configuration for their scenarios.