The new Johnson Controls Ducted Systems (DS) Solutions App provides contractors with instant access to equipment information to help streamline installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance processes.  

The digital resource was designed to help contractors save time by reducing the need for physical manuals and paper assets that can be time-consuming to sort through and difficult to navigate while on the job site. Using the app, content can be searched by model number, or an equipment QR code can be scanned to quickly access product-specific information. Additionally, the app utilizes mobile technology, including camera-integration and geolocation services that enable contractors to upload videos or photos that can be accessed by Johnson Controls technical support teams to assist the troubleshooting process.  

Contractors can access materials within the DS Solutions App using a Johnson Controls login.  

Resources found within the app include:  

  • Unit startup sheets;
  • Product registration details;
  • Wiring diagrams;
  • Parts lookup; 
  • Sequence of operations;
  • BAS control point;
  • Fault codes;
  • Engineering guides;
  • Installation manuals;
  • Product training; and
  • Warranty information.

The Johnson Controls Ducted Systems Solutions App is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store