HONOLULU — DRFortress announced the completion of the fourth expansion to its data center campus in Honolulu, which will be ready for service on June 1. The 65,000-square-foot facility has over 800 cabinets available for colocation services, adding 220 with this latest expansion.

DRFortress is Hawaii’s most interconnected facility and largest capacity provider in terms of data center cabinet capacity and power available for immediate deployment. To keep pace with the high-power density demands of the region, DRFortress is increasing its power density by 500 kW, available on June 1, and an additional 500 kW to be built and installed in the expanded area in early 2024. 

“We’re committed to ensuring this expansion — along with our entire facility — meets the customized needs of our customers and is operationally reliable, scalable, and secure for their critical IT systems and applications,” said Fred Rodi, president and founder of DRFortress. “With this expansion, we’re also thrilled to announce that our first anchor tenants will be a large public cloud provider launching a new edge node in Hawaii and a new international carrier building their presence in Hawaii later this year.”

Other features of the expansion include three new customer conference rooms with a 38-person training and event space, two multi-purpose customer kiosks, a second loading and delivery area to handle large equipment deliveries, and a dedicated café break area for customers. These spaces were specifically designed for customers to have remote office capabilities from the data center, host events or group trainings as well as serve as a safe and secure business continuity workspace in the event of an unexpected disaster.