Duck Pro by Shurtape BR Code Scannable Solutions are powered by the BitRip app. Developed in partnership with Nastro Technologies, the new line features unique tapes and labels preprinted with dynamic scannable codes that can be used to organize and track critical job site information, connecting physical objects to digital information.

In conjunction with the free, easy-to-use BitRipmobile app, BR Code is a tool designed to help streamline workflow and communication in construction, remodeling, installation, and repairs. Construction pros and project managers can use the scannable tapes or labels to pinpoint precise physical locations of building components and supplies, create installation and repair notes or voice memos, upload files relating to specific components, or link the code to already existing job data.

With BR Code, users can quickly grab a label or roll of preprinted tape, stick a piece to a physical object, then scan and connect the code to an unlimited amount of digital data. Photos, text files, maintenance documentation, PDFs, hyperlinks, video links, voice memos, instructions, GPS location data, and more can all be linked to a single, scannable code. All linked content is then sharable and accessible via the free BitRip app.

“BR Code and BitRip streamline worksite activities by giving users a simple set of tools to connect information to physical objects and locations,” said Catherine Chapman, co-founder of Nastro Technologies. “This is a workable, realistic, and efficient solution to everyday work site challenges, like inventory tracking and safety inspection documentation, and it has hundreds of other uses that have yet to be discovered in industries, like construction, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and beyond.”

“We are already hearing from BR Code customers in construction who have tried this product and are excited by how easy it is to use,” said Scott Sommers, vice president of insights and innovation at Shurtape. “BR Code is helping to solve real-world problems for our customers.”