Data centers come in all shapes and sizes for many different reasons. Some are built at an angle that avoids direct sunlight to reduce cooling needs and increase efficiency. Some are built in places that offer the most in terms of renewables. Some are built into already existing buildings, some are underwater, some float over the water, and some are even inside of a mountain. 

So, the questions is, what’s the best way to build a data center? And, the answer is, it depends. 

What works for one data center in one type of building in a particular region won’t necessarily work for a different data center somewhere else.

One thing is for certain though — there are some very impressive data centers out there that were built with both function and purpose in mind, and Mission Critical wants to feature them. 

I know this industry is all about privacy, but there are some things you can share that won’t give up your secret. So, in a time where every step in the sustainability direction is a crucial one, let’s forge a path for others to follow. 

If you work at a facility that has anything to boast — a sustainable design, an aesthetic appeal, innovative equipment designs, a unique use of surrounding resources, etc. — we want to hear about it and maybe even tour it. 

Email me at to put your facility in the Data Center Spotlight.