Dahua recently launched a touchless access solution. The Insider Series Access Control Solution offers touchless access (via Bluetooth) using the DMSS mobile app. It has three distance modes (short range: 0 to 20 cm, mid-range: 1 to 2 m, and long-range: 2 to 10 m) and two trigger modes (normal and shake). Notably, the card number generated from the Bluetooth card request on the Dcloud platform is unique and encrypted, providing convenience and security at the same time.

Moreover, this solution is also equipped with an access control management platform that provides web-centric operation and eliminates the need for additional platform configuration. It supports one main controller and 19 sub-controllers, allowing access to up to 1,000 users and 40 doors. This lightweight system offers user management, access control device management, and global alarm linkage, as well as real-time monitoring of access control status, reporting of event information,, and remote controlling of doors. 

What’s more, the system’s web controller supplies power to both locks and readers through PoE, which significantly reduces cabling costs. The system can also generate a hardware interface diagram to effectively guide wiring and simplify construction for installers.