Schurter launched its new UHS — a compact, fast-acting SMT fuse designed to safely interrupt high-energy overcurrent in the ”safety extra low voltage” (SELV) range. The new UHS is available in six current ratings from 50 to 100 A at 50 VDC or 32 VDC, with a breaking capacity of up to 2,000 A. 

SELV may sound straightforward and harmless, but the growing use of powerful lithium-ion battery cells with increased storage capacity has created the need for a more cost-efficient, space-saving circuit protection solution. The challenge lies in meeting these increasing demands while continuing to ensure safety. Even within SELV, where voltage levels are considered safe for human contact, there is still a risk of dangerous high currents in the event of a short circuit. 

The UHS fuse is designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures, from minus 55° to 125°C, making is suitable for use in various industries, including automotive, telecom, power tools, and data centers. It is RoHS compliant, UL approved, and bears REACH, CE, halogen-free, UKCA, and China RoHS markings, making it a reliable and environmentally friendly choice for a broad range of high-energy electronic applications.