Southco introduced an H3-EM electronic locking swinghandle with modular access control options. Specialized for data center racks and similar applications, it allows manufacturers to meet a wide variety of security needs using only a single latch. The H3-EM integrates with existing enclosures and security systems, so users can easily upgrade to higher security.
It has a variety of access control options, such as RFID readers, that can be freely interchanged and combined to meet any security needs. These devices are mounted independently and secured from behind the door panel to ensure there is no access to mounting screws when the door is closed. 
Additionally, those looking to upgrade can easily replace their existing latch with the H3-EM modular latch. It uses the same single-hole mounting system as traditional H3 swinghandle latches, so users can replace their existing latches without replacing the entire door.