PITTSBURGH — EQT Corp. and Context Labs announced a strategic partnership to advance the commercialization of verified low carbon intensity natural gas products and carbon credits. 

Through tracking, reporting, and verification of critical emissions data, the partnership will support EQT in achieving its industry-leading emissions reduction targets, which include a commitment to reach net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2025. With a focus on emissions quantification, operational analysis, and the certification of natural gas production, the companies will work to scale emissions mitigation across the full energy value chain.

Context Labs will provide an enterprise-wide deployment of its Decarbonization-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform across EQT’s asset footprint, with the goal of achieving full digital integration of EQT’s emissions data. The resulting creation of certified low-carbon products will add a next dimension to EQT’s already robust and digitally enabled organization.

DaaS will enable certification and verification of the carbon intensity of EQT’s operating assets, with certificates registered in Context Labs’ CLEAR Path Repository. Additionally, the relationship will afford EQT the opportunity to integrate carbon credit projects into CLEAR Path in support of generating asset-grade, data-backed carbon credits.

“We have taken decisive actions to cut emissions across our operations,” said Toby Z. Rice, EQT president and CEO. “Now, with this specialized data, we can accelerate our path to net zero and reach our goals more efficiently. EQT and Context Labs are leading the industry in capturing opportunities not just to decarbonize natural gas but credibly validate our emissions reductions, which is a critical component to ensuring natural gas plays a leading role in the world’s energy evolution.”

“I am thrilled to commence this partnership with EQT to advance our shared mission of accelerating climate change mitigation efforts while ensuring the continued access to reliable and trusted energy resources around the globe,” shared Dan Harple, founder and CEO of Context Labs. “This partnership will comprehensively verify the most vital type of data — environmental data — rendering the highest quality, cryptographically secured, asset-grade, transparent certifications and credits available on the market today. Together with Toby Rice’s ambitious leadership at EQT, we will accelerate the global energy transition using empirical, context-driven insights.”