FabricAir introduced the Harsh Environment (HE) Suspension System, which features a hot-dipped galvanized (HDG) coating for safely protecting critical weight-bearing suspension components from corrosion in commercial/industrial building harsh environments. 

The HE Suspension System is designed for use with FabricAir’s proprietary anodized aluminum H-Rail suspension products and consists of HDG threaded M8 steel rods, nuts, washers, threaded rod couplings, and rod/H-Rail connectors. The specially designed, proprietary connectors accept M8 (5/16-inch) rods but adapt to the M6 (1/4-inch) diameters required for standard H-Rail connection. The HDG coating’s minimum 40-micron layer is thick and protective; consequently, the male and female threads of the rods and receptacles are cut strategically to facilitate smooth turning. 

The HE suspension system and H-Rail are both designed to endure a minimum of 30 years in a natatorium. Natatoriums are often classified under corrosion categories of C4-C, because they’re one of the most challenging engineering environments due to inherent high humidity, chloramines, and gaseous pool sanitization chemicals. Food processing, waste water treatment, chemical, and other corrosive environment facilities are also ideal applications for the HE suspension system.

FabricAir recommends combining the HE Suspension System with Combi permeable fabric duct for a total HE air distribution system. Combi’s polyester material is corrosion-resistant and its permeability prevents duct condensation formation. Optional antimicrobial fabric treatment is also available for food processing, pharmaceutical, and other applications where mold, mildew, and other microbes potentially grow. Combi is available with all FabricAir air distribution vent designs.