The Cat XGC1900 natural gas ower module provides up to 1900 kW of continuous power to support large-scale applications, such as utilities, municipal infrastructure, fresh water and wastewater treatment plants, and mining and quarry sites.  It is engineered for flexibility by easily switching between 50 and 60 Hz and across a range of voltages, enabling one machine to satisfy varying load requirements in diverse regions and applications.

Powered by the Cat G3516H gas engine, the new module packages a CSA-certified gas train and cooling, noise attenuation, air handling, and other essential components in a weather-resistant, 40-foot container that streamlines transport and deployment while offering exceptional sound attenuation.

Additionally, the XGC1900 offers best-in-class fuel efficiency and reduced oil consumption as well as longer service and maintenance intervals, significantly reducing operating costs.

“As customers increasingly embrace the advantages of using gaseous fuels, this high-performing power module addresses large-scale continuous power needs with a potent combination of reliability, serviceability and low emissions,” said Tom Caldwell, global general manager for electric power rental solutions at Caterpillar.

The generator set offers numerous benefits that improve performance and reduce operating costs for customers. It features Caterpillar’s EMCP 4 control system, providing engine and generator set control, protection, and monitoring.  Its externally accessible, package-mounted control panel and power distribution panel facilitate operator access and serviceability.

It's equipped with Cat Connect technology to remotely track and manage the generator set and improve operational efficiency. The telematics send real-time information on fuel status, battery voltage, and run status. Connected assets support peak operation with timely insights that help customers control costs, improve performance, and reduce risks.

Offering excellent response in high ambient conditions and high altitudes, the Cat XGC1900 is engineered for high fuel tolerance, allowing for the use of gases with low methane numbers.

It reduces sound levels to 81 dB(A) at 7 meters per SAEJ1074 when measured at 75% prime load and 75% fan speed. Additionally, it supports reduced oil consumption as well as longer service and maintenance intervals.