Age: 30
Education: Bachelor's degree in computer science from the
Achievements/Awards: Forbes 30 under 30 Healthcare

What led you to a career in technology?

I have always been fascinated by the potential for technology to improve people's lives and make the world a better place. This curiosity led me to pursue a degree in computer science and, eventually, to a career in the tech industry.

What motivates you to go above and beyond in your current position?

At Vitalacy, our mission is to help people live their healthiest lives. This motivates me to work hard every day and to constantly strive to find new and innovative solutions that can make a positive impact on people's health and well-being.

What role does sustainability play in your life both personally and professionally?

Sustainability is a top priority for me both personally and professionally. In my personal life, I make a conscious effort to live a sustainable lifestyle and reduce my carbon footprint. In my professional life, I believe it is my responsibility to create technology that is not only innovative but also sustainable and eco-friendly.

What is the most fascinating lesson you have learned while working with technology?

One of the most fascinating lessons I have learned is how technology can be used to bring people together and facilitate collaboration, regardless of where they are located in the world.

What is unique about you personally?

I am a creative problem-solver, and I have a passion for finding innovative solutions to complex problems. I am also a lifelong student, and I am always seeking new opportunities to grow and develop my skills.

What is unique about you professionally?

I have a unique combination of technical expertise and a strong understanding of business strategy, which allows me to bridge the gap between technical and business teams and drive results.

What is your most admirable quality?

I would say my persistence and determination. I never give up, even when faced with challenges or obstacles, and I always find a way to overcome them and achieve my goals. I am a great listener and value the opinions of others around me. I am open to hearing new ideas about topics I am unfamiliar with in an effort to further our shared mission.

Why is diversity, equality, and inclusion necessary for this industry?

Diversity, equality, and inclusion are essential for this industry because technology impacts everyone, so it is important to have a diverse group of people creating technology that is accessible and inclusive for everyone. A diverse group of people will bring different perspectives and ideas to the table, leading to more innovative and impactful solutions.

What aspect of the industry has the most potential for growth, and how can we accelerate that? In my opinion, the most potential for growth in the tech industry is in the area of health care technology. By leveraging technology to improve access to care, reduce health care costs, and improve health outcomes, we have the potential to make a huge impact on people's lives. To accelerate this growth, we need to continue investing in research and development and finding new and innovative ways to apply technology in health care.

Where does the industry need the most improvement, and what can we learn from the current shortcomings?

The tech industry needs to improve in the area of diversity, equality, and inclusion. There is a lack of representation of women and minorities in leadership positions in the tech workforce. We can learn from this by making a conscious effort to increase diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry and by creating a more supportive and inclusive work environment for all.

When you imagine the future technology, what does it look like?

I imagine a future where technology is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of our lives, making accessing information and services easier and more convenient. I also see a future where technology is used to solve some of the world's biggest problems, such as poverty, hunger, and disease.

What advice do you have for women and other minorities who are currently working in the industry but don’t necessarily feel like they belong?

As a recipient of Mission Critical's Top 25 Women in Technology, I understand the importance of representation and inclusion in the industry. My advice for those who feel like they don’t belong is to never give up on your passion and to keep pushing forward. Embrace your unique perspective and bring your authentic self to work every day. Surround yourself with a supportive community, whether that’s through a mentorship program or a networking group, and don’t be afraid to speak up and share your ideas. Remember that diversity and inclusivity lead to better outcomes and more innovative solutions. Stay true to who you are and believe in your abilities, you belong in this industry and can make a significant impact.

What advice do you have for young girls who may be interested in a future career in technology?

My advice to young girls interested in a career in technology is to follow their passions and interests, and not be discouraged by societal norms or stereotypes. Seek female role models and mentors in the industry, and never hesitate to ask questions or seek help. Pursue a strong education in STEM fields and continuously educate yourself on the latest technology and developments. And most importantly, believe in yourself and your abilities – technology is for everyone, and with hard work and determination, you can achieve your goals.


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