Age: 51
Education: Bachelor's degree in avionics from QMW College, master's degree in business administration from Warwick Business School

What led you to a career in technology?

My love for technology started with my love for the aviation industry. It made me see how amazing human beings are by finding ways for everything with technology.

What motivates you to go above and beyond in your current position?

Making an impact. Having their best interest at heart. It's highly rewarding to see others grow under your watch and guidance.

What role does sustainability play in your life both personally and professionally?

Sustainable technologies can increase overall efficiency by utilizing traceability, analytics, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy. This applies to every aspect of our lives, both professionally and personally.

What is the most fascinating lesson you have learned while working with technology?

That everything is highly impacted by how much we leverage on technology — every industry, every field. We can use to our advantage or disadvantage if we are not wise about it.

What is unique about you personally?

I look for people’s strengths and capitalize on those. I am not afraid of challenges. I have the ability to think rationally, even in a worse case scenario. I may be panicking inside, but, on the outside, I appear calm, cool, and collected.

What is unique about you professionally?

I have a very broad industry experience. I started as an airplane mechanic, became an avionics systems integration engineer, and moved to sales engineering for aircraft and train manufacturers. I had lots of exposure to trade compliance laws. Now, I do sales engineering for a backup power and connectivity company.

What is your most admirable quality?

Perhaps seeing the best in someone and giving people the benefit of the doubt. To take those who have always been content with being subpar with themselves and giving them encouragement to push them out of their comfort zone.

Why is diversity, equality, and inclusion necessary for this industry?

Every company is becoming more global by the day. The ability to earn deeper trust and more commitment from their employees is showing that everyone is a valued contributor regardless of their gender, race, or preferences.

What aspect of the industry has the most potential for growth, and how can we accelerate that?

Any technology that is going to capitalize in current resources without depleting the planet.

Where does the industry need the most improvement, and what can we learn from the current shortcomings?

Resources and supply has really affected everyone across the globe. We need to address those unexpected cycles of lows and highs.

When you imagine the future technology, what does it look like?

I imagine technology that capitalizes on resources that help the planet — adding to the planet instead of taking away.

What advice do you have for women and other minorities who are currently working in the industry but don’t necessarily feel like they belong?

To ignore that perception. In fact, I feel that in my journey through engineering I have felt that I was highly respected by my men peers for being bold enough to choose a path less common for women.

What advice do you have for young girls who may be interested in a future career in technology?

The sky is the limit. Being feminine and successful in technology is not exclusive of each other. You can have both sides of the brain working — the artist and the engineer. Don’t ever believe anyone when they tell you are not capable.


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