The newest development in the Choice line of commercial rooftop units (RTUs) is available from Johnson Controls, York, and TempMaster. The 12.5- to 27.5-ton RTUs surpass aggressive U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) 2023 efficiency standards by 6% to 45%, depending on the efficiency level, while maintaining an economical advantage. 

Available in high-efficiency, ultrahigh-efficiency, and heat pump models, Choice RTUs can be configured for cooling only, staged-gas heating, modulating-gas heating, and heat pump operation in conjunction with factory-installed electric heating to provide the flexibility necessary to help building owners reach today’s evolving efficiency requirements.  

“We’ve elevated the proven performance of Choice rooftop units with enhanced features and options to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals,” said Jason Carter, senior product manager of ducted systems for Johnson Controls. “Building operators now have even more options to reduce energy consumption and deliver cost savings based on the unique needs of their facility.” 

Choice Rooftop Unit Options Include: 

  • High-efficiency Choice rooftop units — Available in dedicated downflow (15 to 27.5 tons) or sideflow (15 to 25 tons) configurations, these units rovide up to 23% greater part-load efficiency than the comprable legacy, standard-efficiency units. They surpass DOE 2023 efficiency standards by almost 10%.
  • Ultrahigh-efficiency Choice rooftop units — These units, available in 12.5 to 23 tons leverage a combination of Copeland high-efficiency ZPKZ fixed-speed, ZPS two-stage, and ZPV variable-speed compressor technology to deliver the highest part-load efficiency in their class. They surpass DOE 2023 efficiency standards by up to 45%.  
  • Heat pump Choice rooftop units — These units deliver up to 13% higher IEER than competitive units and meet DOE 2023 efficiencies for both heating and cooling using mechanical and electric heat instead of gas combustion to support sustainability and decarbonization. They surpass DOE 2023 efficiency standards by up to 6%.

All Choice rooftop units feature a convertible filter rack with pleated filters up to MERV 13 available as a factory option to help meet LEED requirements. Multiple airflow strategies, including variable air volume (VAV), exclusive IntelliSpeed discrete fan control (DFC) with two-stage and four-stage options, and continuous reset single-zone (CRSZ) control, improve ventilation based on building requirements. Additionally, the units are compatible with a full suite of system accessories to further support healthy indoor air quality (IAQ).

In addition to operational cost-savings achieved through system efficiencies, Choice RTUs are designed to lower initial project costs as well. The lightweight design streamlines specification by reducing building design requirements and eliminating the need for additional structural engineering analysis when used in replacement applications. 

Choice rooftop units are digitally enabled to further enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs, and extend equipment life. This also provides seamless integration with building control systems, including Verasys.