OSLO, Norway — With this expansion, the data center campus at Enebakk, outside of Oslo, consists of three data centers. The first two 4-MW data centers house a single tenant, while the third 13.5-MW building is intended for multitenant usage. The 10,000-square-meter, three-story building offers 1,300 square meters of white space on each floor and is built according to a Tier III standard. Capacity is already reserved for several clients, but there is still some available capacity both in this building and in future planned expansions at the campus. The total area of the site is 75,000 square meters with a total capacity of 93 MW.

"We still experience strong interest from the market,” said Tor Kristian Gyland, CEO of Green Mountain. “Being able to offer a sustainable data center operated on 100% renewable energy is especially attractive for international clients. The site is also ideal both in terms of power availability, connectivity, and proximity to the Norwegian capital. In addition, we designed this data center with flexibility in mind, as we wanted to accommodate a broad set of clients’ needs. Customization is the key word."

CTS Nordics has been the design and build contractor for this project. 

“In light of the global challenges concerning material availability and delivery delays, it is a great achievement to deliver according to plan,” said Terje Huseby, chief project officer, Green Mountain. “We have cooperated well with CTS to find alternative solutions when incidents beyond our control have affected the progress. I would like to commend everyone involved in the project for an extraordinary effort.” 

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