Colocation, Part 2

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a colocation facility — like data center proximity, telecom latency, business continuity, employee availability, and environmental and economic factors, to name a few. Take this quiz to see how much you know about colo selection and procurement best practices.

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1. How long before you expect to receive the contract should you inform your corporate legal team?
A. Several weeks
B. Several months
C. Several days
D. Several hours
2. The biggest source of overspending on colocation contracts is?
A. Cooling
B. Power
C. Space
D. IT equipment
3. On most proposals submitted in response to an RFP, the provider includes a buffer of how much that users can eliminate during the negotiation process?
A. 5% to 15%
B. 10% to 15%
C. 5% to 10%
D. 10% to 20%
4. A signing discount should be requested when?
A. At the beginning of a financial year
B. At the beginning of a financial quarter
C. At the end of a financial quarter
D. Halfway through a financial year
5. This common add-on cost is multiplied by the metered electricity to calculate the power reimbursement bill.
A. Power factor
B. SLA surcharges
C. Cross-connect fee
D. PUE uplift
6. The RFP process typically begins with what?
A. Template
B. Meeting
C. Initial proposal
D. Nondisclosure agreement
7. How many people should prepare the RFP documents?
A. Everyone on the team
B. 1
C. 2
D. None of the above
8. What are the two main functions of an RFP?
A. Down-selecting candidates and negotiating terms
B. Introducing user needs and negotiating terms
C. Introducing user needs, and asking for a detailed proposal of services to meet those needs
D. Down-selecting candidates and asking for a detailed proposal of services
9. Colocation contracts usually involve a master contract along with how many addenda?
A. 3 to 8
B. 4 to 8
C. 5 to 10
D. 1 to 2
10. This addenda indicates the uptime metrics the colo provider agrees to deliver and quantifies the compensation due to customers for failure to meet those metrics.
A. Contract terms
B. Uptime agreement
C. Service level agreement (SLA)
D. None of the above
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