Operating at up to 900 W with efficiencies as high as 97%, the Advanced Energy Artesyn NDQ900 DC/DC converter provides a single, regulated 12.25-V output and incorporates a PMBus interface for flexible digital control and monitoring.

The NDQ900 non-isolated bus converter (NIBC) features a wide, 40- to 60-V DC input range and is ideal for high-power computing, networking, telecommunications, data storage, and test and measurement applications requiring a regulated 48- to 12-V bus conversion. A flat efficiency curve ensures the quarter-brick module delivers optimum power conversion performance for a wide range of loads.

“The combination of ultra-high-efficiency operation, thermally optimized design, and digital control addresses the growing demand for 48-V power conversion solutions in data center and enterprise computing systems,” said Joe Voyles, vice president of marketing, industrial power conversion products at Advanced Energy. “The high power density NDQ900 optimizes performance while minimizing power consumption across multiple load scenarios.”

Built around a baseplate construction that serves to improve thermal management and simplifies attachment of a heatsink, the NDQ900 is designed for optimal thermal performance. With forced-air cooling, the module can deliver full power over an operating temperature range of minus 40° to 85°C. 

The NDQ900 is a fixed-frequency converter with no minimum load requirement. It features an active current sharing capability that facilitates the connection of multiple power supplies in parallel for applications requiring higher load current or redundancy. In addition to PMBus connectivity, the module offers a remote control function and a power good signal.  

Approved to all international safety standards, the NDQ900 features an integrated under-voltage lockout (UVLO) function and protection against over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature conditions.