Advanced Energy introduced two new ranges of AC-DC power supplies. The SL Power NGB800 800 W and NGB1200 1200 W families are optimized to address the performance, power, size, reliability, and compliance requirements of medical and industrial applications.

The power supplies combine compact form factors and typical efficiencies above 90%. With full medical and industrial safety and EMC approvals, they comply with IEC 60601-1-2 fourth edition, covering medical equipment and applications operating in heavy industrial areas.

“Medical and industrial OEMs want to reduce the size, improve the performance, and extend the operating life of their equipment while minimizing time to market,” said Conor Duffy, vice president of marketing, medical power products at Advanced Energy. “With their high efficiencies, small form factors, compliance with all relevant standards, and long operating lives, the NGB family of power supplies enable equipment designers to address these challenging requirements. Deep engineering and integration support from Advanced Energy’s technical teams further speed development cycles.”

Designed to meet the lifetime reliability requirements of equipment ranging from medical imaging and patient monitoring to industrial automation, the NGB families offer an MTBF in excess of 500,000 hours and come with a three-year warranty. Long-term reliability is further supported by the specification of high-quality electrolytic capacitors with operating lives of more than seven years.  

These new power supplies can accommodate a wide 85 – 264 VAC input range and offer output voltages from 12 Vdc to 48 Vdc. Power supplies in the NGB800 family are convection cooled, while the NGB1200 units feature an integrated, ultra-reliable, low-noise fan.