K&N Engineering’s Industrial Group introduced washable, reusable, sustainability-focused air filtration solutions that come with a 15-year product life cycle. The new, sustainable alternatives to single-use filters are highly customizable to meet unique customer specifications and to ensure the highest performance, reduce waste, and maximize savings.

Proper air filtration is critical to data centers, as dust buildup can lead to fan failures, overheating and — in worst cases — costly disruptions in service. Dirty air filters reduce operational efficiency and increase energy consumption and costs. As a safeguard, data centers and other mission critical facilities change air filters often. These disposable filters end up in landfills across the globe, where the filter media, cardboard and metal components pile up.

“Most are unaware of the negative impact that single-use filters have on the environment,” said Randy Bays, CEO of K&N Engineering. “As a result of dumping these filters in landfills, harmful greenhouse gasses and carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere. Our proprietary air filtration technology is as sustainable as it gets with zero waste for 15-plus years. Just one K&N filter replaces several years’ worth of disposable filters. What’s more, our air filtration products are highly customizable to meet our customers’ exacting size needs without sacrificing the performance.”

The filters are available in V-bank and panel designs. They’re also easy to clean, requiring no cleaning solvents, pressure washers, or hot water.