SpotCast is a video sticker platform that enables instructional and safety videos to be easily embedded on durable QR code stickers. The sticker is placed on any piece of equipment, and employees simply scan it with their smartphone or tablet and watch the embedded video. No sign-up is required.

Markets for the product include the manufacturing, engineering, utility, physical security, facility management, contracting and construction sectors.

"The type of instructions that employees really require involves more than just reading a manual, or listening to a verbal instruction," said Clint Van Marrewijk, CEO and founder of SaferMe. "Doing a job for the first time can be difficult, or dangerous, or both. Next to in-person training, video is the best instructional medium by far, for a business environment. Training managers can't be right next to someone all the time, to show employees exactly what to do. That's where video comes in."

The stickers that are unique to each company are ordered from SaferMe, and once the SpotCast stickers arrive, the user can scan the code and upload a video. The next time someone scans the SpotCast sticker, the recorded training video will play on their phone. SpotCast can be updated with new videos at any time, and the stickers are durable, waterproof, sunproof, and tear-proof.