Digital Transformation

Today, data center power systems can do so much more than simply support reliable power. Digital solutions and electrical infrastructure are delivering sophisticated data analytics, control, and new energy management capabilities — and even opening the door to new revenue streams. Take this quiz to learn more about digital transformation and what it can do for your facility.

1. What is digital transformation for data centers?
A. Integrating the tools needed to economically support grid-interactive and grid-friendly data center design and operation
B. Implementing IIoT technologies for more effective energy management and maintenance
C. Using software to analyze energy usage patterns to achieve energy savings and resolve potential issues as they happen
D. All of the above
2. What is the energy transition?
A. The shift to a more sustainable, low-carbon and electrified future
B. Progressively replacing carbon-based fuels with renewables
C. Homes, businesses and communities becoming self-sufficient power producers that rely less on the utility grid
D. All of the above
3. True or false? It is important to factor the energy transition into digital transformation planning?
A. True
B. False
4. Data centers can embrace digital technologies to manage which energy transition challenges?
A. Electrification and growing energy demand
B. Sustainability mandates
C. An increasingly unbalanced electrical grid
D. All of the above
5. Which of the following are digital technologies?
A. Smart circuit breakers
B. Networked UPSs
C. Power monitoring and management software
D. All of the above
6. Choose the true statement. Digital technologies can help data centers:
A. Simplify the integration of renewable energy resources
B. Optimize energy and power consumption
C. Pinpoint potential power system issues for faster, easier maintenance
D. All of the above
7. True or false, existing data center emergency power systems can be optimized to provide on-demand energy storage?
A. True
B. False
8. Choose the true statement. Data centers with utility grid-interactive energy storage and UPSs can:
A. Earn revenue from participating in frequency containment programs
B. Offset the use of diesel gensets for emergency power
C. Avoid peak demand utility rates
D. All of the above
9. True or false? As the world becomes increasingly digitized, connected devices and the vast amounts of data they generate create serious cybersecurity risks for organizations.
A. True
B. False
10. My organization can help protect its data center power system from the risk of cyberattack by:
A. Purchasing solutions that meet global cybersecurity compliance standards
B. Constantly monitoring connected devices and investigating anomalies
C. Completely cutting off or “air-gapping” OT systems from communications networks
D. A and B
E. C and D
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