Microoled unveiled its new Enterprise Eyewear. Enterprise is the first ActiveLook smart glasses model developed specifically for use in the industrial sector, designed to enable seamless deployment of a “light AR” display to impart mission critical information directly in the field of vision in a completely hands-free context.

AR glasses offer boundless opportunities as businesses continue the move toward Industry 4.0 by facilitating greater productivity, minimizing losses, increasing safety, providing greater customer satisfaction, enabling clearer communication, reducing environmental impact, and more.

With more than 15 years of experience developing near-eye display devices for consumer and professional uses, Microoled has understood, undertaken, and overcome the challenges inherent in smart glasses solutions being widely adopted in the marketplace. Entering the AR industrial glasses market, with its new Enterprise model, the company answered three main challenges, which are equally important for the end user in this market: weight, autonomy, and ergonomics. The scientifically recognized ergonomic limit of use for AR glasses is 40 grams. ActiveLook Enterprise glasses weigh in at 36 grams and feature a battery life of 12-plus hours to offer uninterrupted workflow. Additionally, the fully self-contained tech package and adjustable fit of the temples and nose bridge enable the glasses to stay balanced and safely in place, hile features like the pogo connector make the eyewear extremely easy to charge in any setting.

The potential vertical markets served by ActiveLook Enterprise include manufacturing, research and development, health care, localization and navigation, construction, security, logistics, maintenance, retail, and more.

The minimal form factor ensures privacy for the user with the tech and data being imperceptible to outside observers. Specific coatings and wavelength-aware engineering enables high contrast and ease of readability in all professional environments.

Each unit is powered by the ActiveLook NEXT platform, initially developed as a training application for elite athletes. For software developments and integration, Enterprise relies on ActiveLook’s free and open API, and its Bluetooth Low Energy interface makes it easy to connect to any existing industrial wearable computing solution. A software development kit is available to speed up custom integrations, and a cohort of partners are ready to support ActiveLook professional developments.

“The ActiveLook solution is so compelling in filling an unmet need that we have customers using our sports sunglasses technology for their industrial operation,” said Eric Marcellin-Dibon, CEO for Microoled. “We, therefore, decided to accelerate our market entry in the industrial segment by providing an Enterprise version of our successful NEXT platform.”