Natron Energy launched the Blue Rack sodium-ion battery cabinet, available in both 250- and 500-kW configurations. Sodium-ion technology delivers tremendous power density with rapid discharge and recharge, is sustainably and ethically sourced, and is safe and completely nonflammable. 

The Blue Rack can be configured to provide up to 500-kW of backup power. Its sodium-ion technology can produce a maximum sustained power per energy of 40 W/Wh, has a long life cycle, and recharges in five to 15 minutes.

The Blue Pack battery’s Prussian blue sodium-ion chemistry contains no rare-earth minerals, acid, or heavy metals, and it’s nontoxic, simplifying end-of-life removal.

The Blue Pack and Blue Rack battery cabinet are designed specifically for mission critical applications, with features including:

  • Wide operating temperature range (minus 30° to 50°C).
  • Round-trip efficiency >97%.
  • Over 50,000 deep discharge cycles.
  • Full recharge in 15 minutes or less.
  • Ready immediately; no settling or thermal waiting required.
  • UL9540A Champion-rated nonflammable with no thermal runaway under any condition.