The Vertiv Powerbar iMPB is a modular bus bar system designed to enable seamless, on-demand power upgrades in dynamic data center environments. Available in both copper and aluminum conductor offerings, the iMPB family features capacities from 160 to 1,000 A and delivers reliable overhead power distribution with the inherent benefit of also maximizing cooling airflow. The system is ideal for use in almost any size or style of data center as well as laboratories, distribution warehouses, adaptable manufacturing plants, and other dynamic environments. The powerbar is available in North America, Latin America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, India, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The busway system allows businesses to cost-effectively optimize and adapt power distribution infrastructure over time, maximizing availability through continuous power delivery to critical loads. User-friendly tap-off boxes with breaker protection can be placed anywhere along the busway and isolate active IT loads and nearby branch breakers to ensure continuous power delivery. The adaptive bus bar comes with a simple sandwich-style joint pack construction that makes installation secure and easy, with no special tooling required. It includes a variety of capacity and connection configurations to allow for adjustments and upgrades with minimal outside support and no loss of power to critical loads.

“As more and more devices are added and higher rack densities become commonplace, space is at a premium in today’s data centers,” said Phil O’Doherty, managing director, E&I at Vertiv. “The power infrastructure must keep pace, which means being scalable and quick to deploy. The Vertiv Powerbar iMPB delivers on all fronts with a modular, easy-to-install system that is compact and flexible enough to meet constantly changing demands.”

The powerbar is UL 857- and IEC 61439-2 compliant, and the lightweight aluminum busway track chassis has an IP2X/3X safety rating with integrated finger-safe capabilities and ground-first/break-last design to ensure maximum safety while servicing. With both copper and recyclable aluminum conductor options, the bus bar can be configured to meet the conductivity and safety requirements of any installation.