LONDON — Datalec Precision Installations continues its commitment to expand and be a leader in Ireland. 

Datalec Ireland has been operational since May 2017, and Alan Kavanagh was appointed country operations manager in November 2021.

Since Kavanagh’s appointment, DPI has fortified its dedicated team to enhance the company’s services and capabilities. Following the recent acquisition of Technivo Ltd., these services now extend to specialist technical cleaning. 

“Since I have been the operations manager at Datalec, we have delivered circa 3,000 square meters of white space fit out in live colocation data halls,” Kavanagh said. “Datalec’s portfolio of capabilities means that, in addition to building new data centers, we have a proven track record in successfully retrofitting existing facilities, improving efficiencies for customers, and increasing end-user demand. Indeed, the projected market is set to expand with investments of $3.84 billion by 2026.”