The first purpose-built, flagship data center for Aims is located in Cyberjaya, which is positioned by the Malaysian government as a technology hub. 

With a scalable power capacity of up to 50 MW, the facility can cater to hyperscalers, safeguard mission critical data, and offer interconnectivity to customers, making it suitable for companies that require high power usage and large floor spaces. 

Aims Cyberjaya leverages the established interconnected ecosystems of the company's data centers in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam to provide fast, cost-efficient connections between a wide variety of businesses. 

Aims’ expertise as a top cloud infrastructure service provider in Malaysia enables it to help Southeast Asian businesses leverage infrastructure for hybrid IT cloud deployment and multi-cloud strategies. As Malaysia’s first and only cloud exchange, Aims has direct access to three major global cloud service providers, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform, allowing private, secure, and reliable cloud connectivity with guaranteed uptime of up to 99.99%. 

Aims Cyberjaya has concurrent maintainability, allowing for any planned power and cooling system maintenance activity to take place without disrupting the operations. 

Understanding the importance of data protection, Aims Cyberjaya obtained Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA) compliance to ensure the facility is fully capable of handling security issues. It also has a concurrently maintainable site infrastructure and 24/7 on-site auxiliary police. 

As Malaysia’s leading interconnection hub, customers of Aims Cyberjaya will have direct access to the Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX) with 100% domestic and 80% foreign network services providers on-premises, resulting in cost-effective connectivity options and low latency for a reliable user experience. As a subsidiary of Time dotCom, Aims Cyberjaya has access to terrestrial and submarine cable systems spanning two-thirds of the globe to facilitate expansion plans for Southeast Asia. 

The challenge 

As data center infrastructure continues to be the driving force in the rise of the digital economy, the reality is that increased uptime, adaptability, and resiliency are the business attributes that matter most (especially for enterprise customers). This translates into a massive demand for facilities that are designed and constructed to meet leading global industry standards while having the hyperscale capacity to support the growth of 24/7 digitalization efforts. 

In this market, it’s no longer a case of what customers need now — it’s about what they’ll need in the next five to 10 years. With multiple customer segments to serve, Aims has been highly focused on designing and building quality, reliable, and resilient data centers that can meet critical (and rapidly changing) business needs and requirements. 

The solution 

In anticipation of demand for a hyperscale data center, Aims expanded its already symbiotic data center ecosystem by designing and building Aims Cyberjaya — a greenfield hyperscale data center. This facility is equipped with the space, power, cooling, connectivity, and other technical infrastructure required to support the requirements of data, cloud computing, systems, applications, and more. 

Aims worked closely with Uptime Institute from the earliest stages and received Tier III Certification of Design Documents in April 2020. This award confirmed the facility design aligned with Aims’ intended capacity, reliability, and functionality, which boosted confidence that Aims Cyberjaya can meet industry standards while addressing customer needs and ensuring high availability of critical systems. 

Following this, Aims pursued a Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility, which Uptime Institute awarded in May 2021. This ensured the data center had been constructed as designed, verifying the finished product is capable of meeting the defined requirements for performance, effectiveness, and reliability. 

“Uptime Institute’s tier certifications ensure consistency in quality standards within the industry worldwide and serve as a good guideline for customers to evaluate different data centers,” said Chiew Kok Hin, CEO of Aims. “Achieving this certification proves that we continuously strive to meet the highest reliability and resilience standards that are critical for many of our customers’ requirements.” 

These certifications help Aims differentiate from competing solutions and give customers confidence that the company can meet the world’s leading data center reliability and resilience standards. 

Aims will continue its ongoing collaboration with Uptime Institute to build up its technological innovation and reputation within the data center industry, and provide the high-availability, high-quality facilities and services its customers need. Prioritizing the tier standard is a long-term commitment for Aims as it continues to improve its operational efficiencies with the expansion and construction of its facilities in the future.