Crypto House Capital announced the presale of virtual apartments in the metaverse’s first metareal residential skyscraper — Skylum. The "MetaReal" project — a concept defining when virtual buildings have real-life counterparts — is the first step in the company’s long road map of building entire cities, fueling creators’ economy in the Web3 space.

Owning a virtual apartment or penthouse will grant access to the two most popular metaverses — Decentraland and The Sandbox — and all the perks that come with them, including like-minded peers and entertainment. Users can shape the space for their own private use or treat it as a real estate investment and sell or rent the property at a later time.

According to Tomas Nascisonis, CEO at Crypto House Capital, the goal is to capture the "feeling at home" experience; therefore, units will be fully customizable to fit the needs and interests of the owner, and not the other way around. 

“The private suites can be designed and turned into whichever space the owner desires: it can be their home, their office, a meet-up space, gaming arena — the possibilities are endless," Nascisonis said. "The option to shape it however one likes allows each user to create a personalized virtual experience that would bring them the most benefits.” 

According to Nascisonis, the interest of having a digital foot in the door is apparent among people who have not been following the developments of Web3 space as closely as crypto enthusiasts but understand its potential and are keen to learn more.

“Based on the feedback from our very first customers, we could tell that one of the main drivers was the desire to learn more about the metaverse and experience it firsthand, from learning more about the minting process to the actual steps of purchasing digital property,” Nascisonis said. “The common denominator is understanding the value of having your own private front seat to watch how the space evolves further.”

The launch of Skylum is only the first step in the company’s road map leading to metareal cities with stadiums, shops, fashion shows, nightclubs, art galleries, and other vibrant entertainment. The city will also provide users with new ways to express their creativity, as being in close digital proximity — and without real-world limitations — users will have a new-found freedom to connect and create. 

“Skylum is the very first stone in the foundation of the 'MetaReal' city, which will have something to offer for everyone," Nascisonis said. "Combining both online and offline realities will enable users to experience the best of both worlds in a medium previously unmatched in terms of creative freedom and adaptability. We’re excited to see where the metaverse is heading and to actually be the ones laying down the first bricks.” 

The first presale round, which will last for three weeks, will include 50 units.