Mission Critical has thousands of subscribers. Some would say that’s great, but I think it’s a big problem. You see, I’d like to assume that each and every one of our readers works with at least one woman who has made the industry a better place. But, we’ve been running the Women in Technology contest for two years now, and we have yet to hit 1,000 nominations.

Sure, we’re all busy, and it takes time to fill out a form. But, isn’t it worth it? With all the talk going on about the labor shortage and the need to increase diversity, equality, and inclusion, it seems like such a small effort that could make a big difference. 

Women are underrepresented in this industry, and that’s not going to change unless we do something about it. 

First of all, we need the women who are already here to stay. What better way to do that than to show them that we notice and appreciate them? By increasing the retention rate among women in the industry, more women will be encouraged to join — like a reverse domino effect.

With so many aspects to the mission critical industry, it’s difficult to say exactly how many women are represented. Depending on the source, estimates range from 25% to 34%, with the majority settling in at the lower end. But, one thing everyone seems to agree on is that we need to recruit more people to the industry. We can inspire women of the future by honoring the women of the present.

That’s why Mission Critical is excited to bring back the Women in Technology contest. Whether they’re designing data centers, installing the equipment, or answering phone calls in an office far away from any whitespace, every woman in the industry is eligible. Help us celebrate the women in the industry by submitting your nominations today!