Colocation, Part 1

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a colocation facility — like data center proximity, telecom latency, business continuity, employee availability, and environmental and economic factors, to name a few. Take this quiz to see how much you know about colo selection and procurement best practices.

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1. Which of the following is not one of the 17 points to consider when scoping?
A. Project team
B. Dedicated infrastructure
C. Cooling
D. None of the above
2. How many colos does a typical enterprise send RFPs to?
A. 10-12
B. 1-4
C. 4-6
D. 5-8
3. One of the first qualifiers for many enterprises is:
A. Capacity
B. Utilities
D. All of the above
4. PUE is defined as:
A. The ratio of critical power consumed by the computing equipment to the total power used by the facility
B. The ratio of total power consumed by the data center to the critical power used by computing equipment
C. The total amount of stranded power
D. The total power used by computing equipment within a facility
5. Which of the following is NOT true?
A. Colocation data centers should be located outside 100- and 500-year flood plains
B. Proximity to petroleum and natural gas transmission pipelines is not recommended
C. Both A and B
D. Neither A or B
6. The locations of refineries and nuclear power plants can be found where?
A. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
B. The Department of Defense (DoD)
C. The Department of Energy (DoE)
D. None of the above
7.Regulatory requirements are a primary driver for the _____ industries.
A. Health care and financial
B. Retail and financial
C. Health care and retail
D. None of the above
8. There are approximately _____ colo facilities in the U.S.
A. 1,000
B. 1,500
C. 2,000
D. 2,500
9. When it comes to colos, one of the most common drivers in location selection is:
A. Cost of electricity
B. Proximity to existing legacy data centers
C. Population
D. Available infrastructure
10. The big six data center markets in the U.S. are:
A. Northern Virginia, Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, the Bay Area, and New York/New Jersey
B. Northern Virginia, Houston, Detroit, Phoenix, San Francisco, and New York
C. Northern Virginia, Dallas, Detroit, Phoenix, San Francisco, and New York
D. Northern Virginia, San Antonio, Chicago, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Atlanta
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