The HB1-Compact (HB1-C) is a versatile and highly customizable solution that uses maintenance-free vacuum switching technology and addresses the most challenging of constraints. Available in L-shape and I-shape designs, the HB1-C can be mounted either vertically or horizontally and can be adjusted to match existing busbar connection points. Additionally, the generator circuit-breaker and its integrated main disconnector can be fitted with earthing switches on the generator side and/or the transformer side for greater flexibility. 

These customizable features make the HB1-C not only suitable for new applications but also valuable for retrofit scenarios in power plants where supply security is essential and space is often limited. 

With increased focus on renewable power and cost reduction front of mind, reliable protection technology is crucial. Generator circuit-breakers are vital components for improving the reliability and availability of power plants. Their installation not only protects equipment, such as generators and transformers against overload or short circuiting, but also provides high availability, simplified operational procedures, and a reduction in costs. 

Designed with reliability at its core, the HB1-C’s full-spring operating mechanism has been selected by CIGRE as the most reliable way to operate a generator circuit-breaker with a life span of up to 10,000 operating cycles. With all components and functions type and routine tested together, the HB1-C delivers a native interlocking system with the highest levels of reliability and safety. To guarantee safe maintenance, the circuit-breaker can be fitted with integrated line and earth disconnecting switches.

With cost savings a key concern for many plant operators, the HB1-C is designed to reduce costs during the project implementation and ongoing operations. The simple and compact design means that transport costs are reduced and outage times for the installation of a new circuit-breaker are minimal. Costs are further reduced, thanks to the maintenance-free vacuum switching technology, which eliminates the need for gas handling, guarantees minimum maintenance costs, and increases the recycling rate of the systems.