LITTLETON, Mass. — JetCool Technologies Inc. announced a collaboration with Eaton. The companies will develop innovative solutions for high-power applications within data centers, making it simpler for customers to adopt a complete liquid cooling solution that enhances efficiency, minimizes energy costs, and prepares facilities for rising chip thermal design power (TDP). 

Rapidly escalating chip power levels require data centers to adopt liquid cooling approaches to remain energy efficient and support required performance levels. Liquid cooling provides a more efficient way to remove heat from high-power chips and, as such, is becoming increasingly popular in data centers.

“As data center compute densities continue to increase, it is becoming more and more difficult to cool the chips using traditional air cooling methods,” said JetCool Founder and CEO Bernie Malouin. “Our relationship with Eaton will enable us to develop complete liquid cooling solutions that are more efficient, use less energy, and take up less space than traditional air cooling solutions. This will help data centers meet the challenges posed by high-power applications while minimizing their environmental impact.”

JetCool's microconvective cooling enables data centers to reduce energy usage by 20% and water usage by 90%. With Eaton's power management expertise, the companies will engineer solutions that minimize energy consumption and maximize efficiency. The companies are working to develop an end-to-end solution that will enable data centers to meet the cooling challenges posed by high-power applications. 

“We are excited to work with JetCool to develop innovative liquid cooling solutions for data centers,” said Hervé Tardy, vice president of strategy and marketing for Eaton CPDI. “JetCool's microconvective cooling technology is a perfect fit for high-power applications. Combined with Eaton's power management expertise, we are confident that we can develop solutions that meet the needs of our data center customers.”