AUSTIN, Texas — Nom Nom Data recently secured its HIPAA compliance, marking its efforts to contribute to patient data safety. The company also expressed its opinion on three main pain points for more health care data systems.

1. Lack of data visibility — Health care companies and hospitals often lack visibility into the data they are generating and collecting. This makes it challenging to identify patterns and troubleshoot issues as they arise.

2. Inefficient data management — Many businesses in the health care industry struggle with managing large amounts of data, resulting in data inconsistency and duplication.

3. Difficulty scaling — When health care companies grow, they cant always scale accordingly. This contributes to high costs, business disruptions, and slow performance.

"In hospitals and health care systems, there is often a great disarray of data," said Nam Nguyen, CEO of Nom Nom Data. "Different hospitals, offices, physicians, and other parties are all trying to communicate and share information — but they need to do it safely and efficiently. Thats what we help with."