The Vertiv Geist Rack Transfer Switch (RTS) provides redundant power to single-corded devices. It instantly detects loss of power and automatically switches the load to an alternative source in less than 4 to 8 milliseconds, allowing the supported servers and other critical devices to continue to operate through a planned or unplanned outage. It is currently available in basic upgradeable and enhanced intelligence models, as well as switched and outlet-level monitored models. Basic upgradeable models offer the intelligence needed today with the option to upgrade technology as needs evolve. Enhanced intelligence models provide a comprehensive view of critical IT equipment power usage, which is available either at the rack or via remote access.

The RTS also proactively monitors the IT environment, including temperature, humidity, and airflow. Users can also enhance these features with remote monitoring of IT power usage. The switch can support up to 24 outlets for higher-density rack configurations.

“As edge computing, IoT and 5G continue to expand and become the new backbone of digitalisation, distributors and resellers are looking for efficient solutions to protect small and micro IT sites against power outages,” said Birgit Jackson, director, integrated racks and IT solutions for Vertiv in EMEA. 

The Vertiv Geist RTS was designed for the banking, health care, financial services, education, energy, government, and transportation industries that operate micro data centers, distributed IT networks, or edge facilities.