Biological Viruses Versus Computer Viruses 


Biological viruses have always been a potent threat to humanity, as historic pandemics have proved. No wonder viruses became an ideal weapon model in a totally different world — a world of programming.

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Sustainability starts with the building


To find out more about responsible design, Mission Critical sat down with Mark Heinrich, senior director of engineering at CPG.

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Generators — Kohler


Kohler’s Tier 4 Final KD Series Generator provides a key advantage, resulting in minimal maintenance demands for optimized continuity and maximized ease for users — all while meeting strict U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-controlled sustainability requirements.

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Quiz | Root Cause Analysis


Root cause analysis (RCA)is the process of identifying the source of problems. The idea behind it is that an effective management strategy will not only solve problems but also prevent them in the future. How familiar are you with the process? Take this quiz to find out.

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GRC, Intel release white paper discussing liquid immersion cooling to reduce carbon footprint 

Powering cooling infrastructure accounts for upward of 40% of a data center’s energy consumption. And, because 60% of the world’s electricity is still generated using fossil fuels, few operations are truly sustainable.

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