In response to the never-ending demand for data and the bandwidth to support it, XKL LLC launched its four-port DQT400 optical transponder for all markets. The DQT400 was first introduced with limited release in 2021. 

The DQT400 is part of the XKL DarkStar DWDM Transponder family of products and is based on the DarkStar architecture. 

Many data centers, enterprises and other data-centric organizations may begin reaching their 100G networks’ limit as demand for streaming, cloud, video, and other data-heavy applications continue to grow in usage. To address this, the DQT400 can be used for 100G services today and is soft configurable for 400G to support ever-increasing data and bandwidth demand. The XKL DQT400 being soft configurable requires no downtime or hardware modifications if purchased with the DR4 client optics. Network managers simply swap the client optics in and use the software to migrate from 100GE to 400GE.

The DQT400 offers an integrated system architecture. There is no access to customer data via the management network, providing a reliability and security aspect to the product. Components can be hot-swapped and feature multiple redundancies. The system is also stackable to create up to 19.2T using the DMD-A Mux/Demux system. Or, stack DQT400 with DQT10 or DQT100 systems for compatibility through the DMD-A Mux/Demux system.

“As data centers and enterprises build new operations or add capacity, XKL delivers easy-to-install, fast, flexible, scalable solutions that are designed to support both near and long-term bandwidth needs,” said Len Bosack, founder and CEO of XKL. “The DQT400 performs exactly as needed today — supporting 100G and 400G services by soft configuring the interfaces when the time comes.”