Payments in the metaverse

Payments in the metaverse


For fintechs, the metaverse looks like a natural pivot in line with their digital-first nature. They are better positioned to push the market forward, as, unlike banks, they do not have to cut through miles of red tape and have more flexibility to deploy new solutions.

It’s all about the culture, baby



The most important part of understanding the importance of a strong corporate culture is the ability to see it as the means and not the end.

Disconnected during disaster



Starlink is the name of this new product from the labs of Elon Musk, and while it is a great entrant to any established broadband market, it is most applicable in providing service where current networks don’t exist — in the remote or rural corners of our country.

Quiz | Energy storage



There are various categories of energy storage systems that feature different components and characteristics to enhance or impact the availability of data centers during utility outages. The history and duration of utility outages in a specific location can help evaluate the potential effectiveness of incorporating energy storage systems for data center power backup applications.

Biological viruses vs. computer viruses



Biological viruses have always been a potent threat to humanity, as historic pandemics have proved. No wonder viruses became an ideal weapon model in a totally different world — a world of programming.