The Vertiv Liebert GXT5 Lithium-Ion online double-conversion UPS was engineered to fully isolate critical IT from power problems. The internal lithium-ion batteries are expected to last up to three times as long as traditional valve-regulated lead–acid (VRLA) batteries, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership and, for many customers, eliminating battery replacements altogether. The UPS provides exceptional runtime on the internal battery, with up to 14 minutes of runtime at full load. Each UPS also supports up to eight external lithium-ion battery packs to extend runtime for critical operations that may require it.

Some key features include the following.

  • The lithium-ion battery is resilient to high temperatures, which is ideal for environments without dedicated cooling.
  • The internal UPS battery offers industry-leading runtimes to ensure availability of critical applications during an unexpected power loss.
  • It is certified to meet industry UPS and lithium-ion safety standards, such as UL 1778, UL 1973, and UL 1642, which ensures it's safe to use in critical IT environments.
  • Hot-swappable, user replaceable internal batteries allow for the easy replacement of the batteries, if needed, without disrupting power to the connected equipment.
  • Out-of-band management provides remote visibility of the UPS, even with a lost primary network communication.

The Vertiv Liebert GXT5 Lithium-Ion UPS is engineered to protect critical network and distributed IT. It protects against the widest range of power problems and seamlessly switches to battery backup if the quality of the input power is outside of acceptable operating levels. The UPS is widely adopted across many industries, including education, health care, retail and wholesale, manufacturing/industrial, government, telecom, banking/financial/insurance, transportation, and broadcast and entertainment.