The CyberSecure Monitoring solution by SolarEdge is a hardware-based cloud monitoring solution for critical power infrastructure. It provides ultimate peace of mind for users by allowing them to remotely track and analyze the performance of their UPS systems off-site, eliminating system downtime without posing any cyber risk.

The solution includes a security dongle (the sender) that communicates to an external optical transmitter (a gateway), which is connected to the cloud via a segregated, independent cellular-based network. Harnessing optical physics, the security dongle, which acts as a data diode, physically ensures that data can only be transmitted by the UPS, and it’s impossible to alter or harm the performance of the UPS and the critical power equipment connected to it. Moreover, it ensures there’s no risk of organizational data corruption or stealing, nor exposure to ransomware attacks because of vulnerabilities in the UPS system.

One gateway can support up to five UPS units, each with its own security dongle, allowing scalability and centralized UPS management. 

CyberSecure Monitoring is designed to allow UPS alert notifications, performance tracking, and log analysis. Such a solution is suitable for any UPS application, but it’s particularly suitable for edge applications of larger organizations with multiple UPS systems, possibly spread across sites, that do not have on-site staff looking at the systems 24/7. The product allows the organizations’ service companies to access UPS data remotely without granting them access to the corporate network.

SolarEdge’s solution provides protection by physics. The hardware-based infrastructure eliminates communication back to the UPS, making sure no damage or alteration to the UPS or connected equipment can be done.