Perle IOLAN SCG LWM Console Servers provide data center managers with secure out-of-band console management of any device with a serial RJ45 or USB console port. 

When network administrators need to monitor, manage, troubleshoot, or reboot critical IT assets, they will generally access the devices directly over an Ethernet network. However, when continuous uptime is expected, this single point of access is not enough. All data centers need a secure, dedicated alternate access method into the IT network infrastructure to administer connected devices and assets without using the corporate LAN. This is the only way to gain access to critical equipment when the network is down or a device is turned off, in sleep mode, hibernating, or otherwise inaccessible. 

The IOLAN SCG LWM Console Server provides four dedicated alternate access methods to the IT network infrastructure.

  1. Built-in, high-speed LTE with high-speed packet access (HSPA), universal mobile telecommunications service (UMTS), edge, and general packet radio service (GPRS)/global systems for mobile (GSM) fallback networks to protect against wired LAN failure. It can also be used to transmit serial data or establish a direct serial-to-serial peer connection over cellular networks. This is ideal when devices are located where hardwired Ethernet connections are not available but cellular networks are.
  2. Built-in Wi-Fi network access over dual-band radio antennas for optimal wireless performance, signal reliability, and range.
  3. An on-board RJ11 V.92 modem connection for secure and reliable out-of-band connections over a POTS network.
  4. Dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet connection for redundant copper and SFP fiber network access with automatic failover if the primary link goes down. 

The IOLAN SCG LWM Console Server keeps data centers secure with functionality that includes full routing (routing information protocol [RIP], open shortest path first [OSPF], and border gateway protocol [BGP]) capabilities; zero-touch provisioning (ZTP); two-factor authentication (2FA); integrated firewall; advanced failover to multiple networks; AAA security features; remote authentication dial-in user service (RADIUS) terminal access controller access-control system (TACACS), and lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) authentication; and other data encryption tools.

The modular IOLAN SCG LWM Console Server provides any combination of up to 50 USB and serial RJ45 console management ports for secure access to connected devices as if a user is locally connected to the COM port. The integrated LTE Cellular, Wi-Fi, or V.92 modem also provides direct out-of-band access into each individual rack. 

Perle's cloud-based centralized management solution puts the IT infrastructure into a single application and provides secure, reliable access and visibility during normal operations and critical network failures. Scalable to suit any business requirement, Cloud Centralized Management reduces human error and is designed to guarantee repeatability. 

For decades the RS232 RJ45 port has been the standard for console admin port access. Now, IT equipment manufacturers are delivering devices with USB Console Admin Ports. The modular design of the IOLAN SCG supports both types of admin ports in one Console Management solution.