Kohler’s Tier 4 Final KD Series Generator provides a key advantage, resulting in minimal maintenance demands for optimized continuity and maximized ease for users — all while meeting strict U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-controlled sustainability requirements. The KD exhaust after treatment technology eliminates the need for diesel particulate filters and diesel oxidation catalysts, leaving only harmless exhaust byproducts: nitrogen and steam. Meanwhile, the KD series engine control units and integrated sensors continually monitor and control all elements of the exhaust after treatment system, delivering exceptional emissions technology.  

Kohler ran a recent study concluding that some of today’s diesel generators can be safely run at 30% of the rated capacity or higher as little as once per year, opposed to once per month while maintaining optimal performance and staying within emissions guidelines. As the EPA introduces increasingly stringent restrictions for emergency engines, engine manufacturers are challenged to rethink engine architecture to comply with the regulation. Meeting these guidelines has caused some hesitancy in the marketplace for Tier 4-certified systems due to added complexity, increased cost, and limited familiarity.

The flexibility, simplicity, and durability of the KD Series Tier 4-certified generators ease many of these concerns, bringing down barriers to greener power solutions and enabling customers to create a more sustainable future even as they increase their power requirements. This will empower more users to meet increasingly strict emergency-use emissions standards.